• Pool Equipment Repairs

    Pool Equipment Repairs
    Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs We repair all Brands and types of pool equipment. From Pool Cleaners, Pumps, Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool Lights, Filters etc. If there are parts available to repair your pool equipment then we will fix it.  There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars replacing something if it can be repaired. Would you change your car engine if it was...
  • Swimming Pool Leaks

    Swimming Pool Leaks
    Swimming Pool Leak Detection Did you know that most pools will develop a leak eventually? You can lose thousands of litres of water every year if your leak is left unattended to. Leaks tend to get worse over time, and left untreated can result in hefty water bills and wasted money spent on excess chemicals. ​ The main signs of a leaking swimming pool...
  • Green Pool Recovery

    Green Pool Recovery
    Green Pool Cleaning Every pool owner has at one time or another has done battle with the occasional green pool. The unsightly Algae growth can turn a sparkling pool green overnight. We are the Leaders in Green Pool Cleaning. There is no Pool that is too dirty that we can’t clean. Below are some Green Pool Cleaning options that we provide.  ​ Option 1...