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Pool Equipment Repairs

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Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

We repair all Brands and types of pool equipment. From Pool Cleaners, Pumps, Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool Lights, Filters etc. If there are parts available to repair your pool equipment then we will fix it. 

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars replacing something if it can be repaired. Would you change your car engine if it was making a funny noise? No you would just take it for a service. 

Pool equipment is the same, remember your pool runs every day for hours so it will need a service from time to time and things are going to fail every now and then. That is where here at Budget Pool Care our technicians can service your pool and equipment when it breaks down and also explain what caused the issue in the first place.

Pool Pump Repairs

Every Pool Pump will leak from time to time or not start properly.

Sometimes your pump wont pump very well, it will be loud, it might be making a humming noise and not starting. 

With a Quick service we can get your pump running like new again for a fraction of the price of a new pool pump. 

Salt Water Chlorinator Repairs

Salt Water Chlorinators need to be serviced every so often, some more than other. If not serviced your pool might be turning green all the time and you will be wondering why your spending lots of money on chemicals. 

Most Salt electrodes last between 5-7 yrs. This doesn't mean you need a new unit just a service and some parts.

Pool Cleaner Repairs

Pool Cleaners play up from time to time and can cause you many headaches and lots of extra work when they are not functioning correctly as they did when they where new.

all it takes is a $5 part to stop your pool cleaner from doing its job. we repair all makes and models polaris, jetvac, kreepy krauly, baracuda & Robotic cleaners.

Pool Filter Repairs

When a pool filter isnt working correctly you run into all kinds of problems. you pool is always cloudy, dirt on the floor.

Your pool can even go green and stay green without your filter working. Filter Clearing and media replacement is a must with every pool. We even repair leaking filters and show you the correct way to maintain your filtration.

Ask us how we can fix your pool equipment Today.



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Swimming Pool Leaks

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Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Did you know that most pools will develop a leak eventually? You can lose thousands of litres of water every year if your leak is left unattended to. Leaks tend to get worse over time, and left untreated can result in hefty water bills and wasted money spent on excess chemicals.

The main signs of a leaking swimming pool are:

  • excess water consumption (i.e. you have to top your pool up more than once a week)

  • excess chemical usage

  • pool has air in the system

  • pool surrounds subsiding

  • constant wet spots around the pool

The Bucket Test

The bucket test, also called an evaporation test, is a simple test that you can perform to diagnose if your pool has a leak.

It requires you to fill a bucket approx 20mm from the top and place it next to your pool or on the pool step.

Mark the water level with a pen and mark the water level in the pool also. Check both levels 24hrs later and record the result. It’s simple; if the pool loses more than the bucket, the difference between the two is your leak.

For the best result mark the pool when the water is still. It is better if the pool is not used for swimming during this period.

Pressure Testing

If you’re a pool builder , getting a pressure test done on the pool plumbing before any landscaping work is carried out can prove highly valuable, especially if you plan on concreting around the pool. It will reveal any leaks that need to be repaired, before future work is done and problems become harder to fix. If any damage occurs later on through different trades or machinery, passing on the cost of repair work to the appropriate party will be a much easier process.

Most leaks we are able to repair on our initial visit. If not, then we will provide a quote to repair your leak. Underground pipe leaks to your pool return and suction lines will usually require a fair bit of additional work (i.e. Cutting concrete). We are fully equipped, and carry the tools to complete these. There is very little that we cannot repair and our workmanship is of the highest standard.

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Green Pool Recovery

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Green Pool Cleaning

Every pool owner has at one time or another has done battle with the occasional green pool.

The unsightly Algae growth can turn a sparkling pool green overnight.

We are the Leaders in Green Pool Cleaning. There is no Pool that is too dirty that we can’t clean.

Below are some Green Pool Cleaning options that we provide. 

Option 1 - Pool Balance and Equipment Service 

This is for pool where they have just stared to turn green and you can still see the floor of the pool.

With our computerised water testing system and years of experience in the swimming pool service industry we can balance your pool to the correct levels to kill all bacteria in the water and service your equipment so that in a couple of days the pool is clear again.

If there is lots of leaves and debris in the pool then this will need to be removed before the pool can be balanced

Option 2 - Shock, Flock & Vacuum Pool To Waste.

This is for pools that have turned green due to lack of chemical attention for a couple of weeks. 

We do not drain the water on this program.  We have a chemical combination that will kill the all of the algae within 1-3 days. 

Then we vacuum the pool to waste and remove all dead aglae once everything has settled on the pool floor.

If there are large amounts of debris on the bottom of the pool (leaves, etc.), then we will need to do the Pool Drain, Acid Wash, Refill and Rebalance Service

Option 3 - Drain, Acid Wash, Refill & Re balance

We drain the pool, remove and dispose of all debris on bottom of pool. Then we pressure wash the entire swimming pool, Acid wash/ scrub down the swimming pool, Fill it up with water, Clean DE filters/cartridges (inspect for tears or damage), or backwash the filtration system.

Add all necessary chemicals to bring the Ph and Chlorine levels to the required level ( salt if required )

This will remove most of the stains in the swimming pool and let you start with a newly cleaned surface and perfectly balanced Pool.

What causes a green pool?

When algae and other contaminants build up in your pool, the water eventually

turns green. Algae will continue to grow if you don’t address the problem. But why is the algae growing?
Perhaps you don’t have enough chlorine. Many problems could cause a lack of chlorine, including the

  • Faulty Equipment: Often your equipment could be malfunctioning. Check to make sure the pump
    works, actively filters the water and dispenses the proper amount of chemicals.

  • A Stagnant Pool: You may need to run your pool for longer periods of time. Generally speaking,
    your pool should run 8-10 hours per day to keep the chemicals evenly distributed and the water pure.

  • Warmth: If you experience a green pool during the summer, you likely have a problem with the
    warmth. Heat helps algae multiply, and you will need more chlorine to compensate.

  • Phosphates: Phosphates serve as an excellent food source for algae. Thankfully, we can test for
    and remove such phosphates.

Whatever problems strike, Budget Pool Care stand ready to provide the appropriate pool solution for your pool from only $99.00. 

Visit www.BudgetPoolCare.com.au for more information 

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Pool Maintenance

Regular Pool Maintenance Service

With Our Pool Maintenance Service You Don’t Have To Lift a Finger!

Our  Pool maintenance includes everything you need to keep your pool up and running perfectly.

This service is top of the line. Our pool cleaning professionals will:

  • Test your water for proper chemical levels.
  • Add chemicals as needed to balance your water.
  • Empty skimmer baskets and sweep bag.
  • Empty bag and inspect your automatic pool sweep and pool cleaner.
  • Empty your skimmer baskets.
  • Empty pump basket.
  • Brush walls and steps.
  • Check your filter / filter pressure, backwash (DE and Sand Filters) or clean (Cartridge Filters) as needed.
  • Disassembly, chlorine bath, and grid inspection of DE filters, and cartridge
  • Visually inspect equipment for proper operation.
  • We can perform repairs and part replacements automatically, or if you prefer, let you know what is needed and wait for your approval.
  • Make seasonal adjustments or recommendations for timer box settings.
  • Skim pool and connected spa surface as needed
  • Brush steps, swim outs and walls of your pool and connected spa as needed.
  • Make sure your pool is spotless top to bottom
  • Includes chemical balance and a complete pool cleaning from the skimmer basket to the pool floor.
  • Vacuuming of the Floor when needed to remove dust
  • Filter cleaning when needed ( degreasing ) 
  • Cleaning around your pool area and coping

 ALL FOR ONLY $60 a Month ( Chemicals are extra if required ) 

* Payments are due 7 Days after the job has been completed. We do accept credit cards & automatically deduct your invoice after 7 days.

* Pools Are Serviced every 4 weeks. 

* We will call for repairs and broken parts if the part/repair will be larger than $50.00.

* When raining we will Shock you pool or Super Chlorinate and make sure to lower the water level.

* Customer is responsible to maintain water level, ensure pool cover is back after service day, keep equipment area shrubbery trimmed back and equipment pad and area accessible for service and/or repair.

* Technicians do not require you to be home but they need access to the swimming pool and equipmwent at all times.

* Emails are sent from site once your service technician has finished servicing your pool. Any notes and infomation are all located on your invoice.

* All Customers get Same Day Service. ( Same Day, Same Pool Service Technician)

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