Astral E Series Salt Water Chlorinator
Using the same platform as the renowned VX, the E Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for residential pools up to 120,000L. Full Reverse Polarity Salt Chlorinator. Two time periods....
from $1,469.00
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Astral FG Series Fibreglass Media Filter
Filament Wound Fibreglass Filter with wide neck flange.Top Mount, clamp on multiport valve. Inner tank made from Fibreglass to resist implosion and high pressure capability. Maximum continuous operating pressure 250 kPa. Liquid filled Pressure Gauge, glass filled Nylon clamp bands....
from $1,192.00
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Astral Heat Pumps
The AstralPool range of Heat Pumps now includes both standard technology and the new Inverter technology. Inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP compared with normal heat pumps in the market. The unique...
from $204.00
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Astral HX Series Gas Heater
The Astral HX series gas fired pool and spa heater is Australia’s most popular gas spa heater. Simple to install and use, the HX Pool and Spa Heater is an economical, robust and reliable heater ideal for Spa pools and...
from $3,652.00
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Astral IX 50 Leaf Canister
The IX Leaf  Canister is designed to capture large debris that may end up in your swimming pool with out impacting your pump. Installed before the pump this leaf canister will reduce the cleaning required in your pump basket.  Suitable for...
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Astral JX Gas Heater
he AstralPool JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced heater designed for wall mounting. Available for indoor and outdoor application and ideal for confined spaces. Forced draft combustion system means lower clearances from windows and surrounding...
from $3,585.00
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Astral Viron Series Salt Water Chlorinator
Reverse polarity, self cleaning chlorinator incorporating a high efficiency switch mode power supply that provides pure DC current which provides higher chlorine output. Sophisticated software automatically adjusts reversal periods to extend the life of the electrodes. Large LCD user interface...
from $1,984.00
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Astral VX Series Salt Water Chlorinator
VX Reverse Polarity Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinators, 50mm water connections on cell housing, sophisticated electronic control over reversing times extends Cell life. Large LCD user interface, Genus remote compliant, Spa Mode Output, Low Salt 4000 ppm. Safety Backwash feature with...
from $2,241.00
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Astral ZX Series Cartridge Filter
Astral ZX Cartridge Filters are a small compact design, that does not require a back washing line so they are ideal for places or situation where waste water disposal or water restrictions are in force. With the use of antimicrobial elements your pool...
from $678.00
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The AstralPool BX pump had been designed to comfortably meet the demands of all your pool equipment while setting new standards of efficiency, convenience and greatly reducing noise levels. With the ability to move more water, use less power in fewer...
from $1,414.00
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Australian made with high precision injection moulding process. FastMPV installation and removal with unique lock ring, large drain port,unique hub and lateral system for low pressure drop with 10 x 25mmlaterals, barrel unions for fast installation, high quality oil filled...
from $996.00
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The AstralPool CTX pump has been designed to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment. Made from high quality materials and components the CTX is designed to produce greater efficiency and reduce noise...
from $985.00
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Designed with AstralPool's robust and reliability the E-Series pump is suitable for pools and spas up to 60,000 litres. Developed with superior components, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and quiet to run the E-Series pump may meet the requirements of your...
from $807.00
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AstralPool E-Combi EEV2 Energy Efficient Pump
Energy efficiency at an affordable price. Robust long life design, save up to$700 a year over your conventional single speed pump, simple to operate.5 minute priming period to minimise run dry and premature pump wear,316 S/S hardware. Large hair and...
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AstralPool ECA Media Filter
The AstralPool ECA 650 media filter is economical to purchase and run. Easy to maintain and service,with high quality components, the ECA range offers the perfect choice for swimming pools. Designed and 100% made in Australia, the ECA Sand Filter utilises...
from $602.00
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The FX series pump is designed to deliver the power needed to move large volumes of water around while generating very little operating noise. An inbuilt non-return valve eliminates reverse rotation of the impeller in high pressure situations ensuring reliability....
from $726.00
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AstralPool Replacement Cells
Astral Pool Salt Cells Time to replace the salt cell in your AstralPool swimming pool chlorinator? They last for years but the time comes when you need a new one. If you want to get a high quality Astral salt cell at a...
from $380.00
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AstralPool Viron EVO Pool Heater
These premium high efficiency Pool and Spa Heaters are gas fired (natural gas or LPG/Propane gas) pool heaters with the highest energy efficiency of any pool heater. The patented heat exchanger and operating system actually work upside down, with the...
from $7,334.00
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AstralPool Viron XT Energy Saving Pump
AstralPool’s Viron XT pumps are incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the...
from $1,771.00
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Blue Connect
lue continuously measures core pool parameters: pH, temperature, ORP and conductivity. Analysis results reported via alerts to the customer’s smartphone. Cutting-edge technology:Blue continuously and precisely measures pH, disinfectant level, temperature and water conductivity thanks to its 4-in-1 sensor. Connected:Blue sends...
from $26.00
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Connect Lite + Pool Automation System
The AstralPool Connect LITE+ is an integrated pool automation system that offers pool owners total control of up to four colour-changing LED lights (in 2 different zones if required), timer periods for the filtration pump and full integration with a...
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Connect Lite Pool Automation System
AstralPool’s Connect LITE is the easiest way to automate your swimming pool. It offers pool owners total control of up to four colour-changing LED lights. When integrated with a Viron Chlorinator, you can choose up to 4 timer periods to...
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Disabled Access Ladders
For easy entry and exit into exercise of hydrotherapy pools for people not requiring an hydraulic lift chair. Maximum load 170kg
from $189.83
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