Did you know that most pools will develop a leak eventually? You can lose thousands of litres of water every year if your leak is left unattended to. Leaks tend to get worse over time, and left untreated can result in hefty water bills and wasted money spent on excess chemicals.

The main signs of a leaking swimming pool are:

  1. excess water consumption (i.e. you have to top your pool up more than once a week)

  2. excess chemical usage

  3. pool has air in the system

  4. pool surrounds subsiding

  5. constant wet spots around the pool




    The Bucket Test

    The bucket test, also called an evaporation test, is a simple test that you can perform to diagnose if your pool has a leak.

    It requires you to fill a bucket approx 20mm from the top and place it next to your pool or on the pool step.

    Mark the water level with a pen and mark the water level in the pool also. Check both levels 24hrs later and record the result. It’s simple; if the pool loses more than the bucket, the difference between the two is your leak.

    For the best result mark the pool when the water is still. It is better if the pool is not used for swimming during this period.

    Pressure Testing

    If you’re a pool builder , getting a pressure test done on the pool plumbing before any landscaping work is carried out can prove highly valuable, especially if you plan on concreting around the pool. It will reveal any leaks that need to be repaired, before future work is done and problems become harder to fix. If any damage occurs later on through different trades or machinery, passing on the cost of repair work to the appropriate party will be a much easier process.

    Most leaks we are able to repair on our initial visit. If not, then we will provide a quote to repair your leak. Underground pipe leaks to your pool return and suction lines will usually require a fair bit of additional work (i.e. Cutting concrete). We are fully equipped, and carry the tools to complete these. There is very little that we cannot repair and our workmanship is of the highest standard.


    Pool Leak Detection


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