If you believe your swimming pool pump is not performing at its best or your pool motor requires repairs then it's best to call on professionals. Budget Pool Care can improve performance and have your Pool Pump performing as good as new.

Pool pump is an important piece of equipment needed to keep your pool water clean.

Most pool pump manufacturers estimate the service life of their pool pump motors at 8-10 years. To avoid common mistakes that pool owners do when trouble-shooting their pump, below are some of the most frequent pump problems.

Seized Bearings

This is the most common trouble pool pumps always encounter.Once the sound of the motor experience abnormality, like a whirring sound, it’s time to replace the bearings.

It is customary to replace both bearings (rear and front) if you find only one bearing (which is always the case) to be defective. Bearings are the most vulnerable parts of the motor as these are the ones that are subject to more stress that any other part of the pump system.

Blocked Pump Impeller  

Impellers are also vulnerable to clogging, especially if the water it is pumping is full of large debris that may accidentally pass through the strainer or filter.

Pump Not Primed

Pumps should be run with enough water (called priming) on its suction side. Some pump models are self-priming while some are primed manually. In case the motor is run without water on the system, this may over speed the motor shaft because it has no medium that may slow down the speed. The motor should be shut-off immediately to avoid further damage to the system.

This over speeding may cause the motor to overheat and burnt-out the windings, and mechanical seal if not corrected immediately.

Short Circuit 

Short circuit occurs when there is presence of water inside the motor’s windings. This water (possibly from worn out shaft seal, bad O-rings and defective gaskets) 

Overheated motor

When a motor is overloaded the motor is more likely to burn-out. Bad bearings/s may cause the stater to rotate unbalance which overheats the windings and consequently burning the coils.

Leaking Mechanical Seal 

Some pumps are sealed with this type of seal placed in series with the impeller; this wears out with frequent use and should be changed as soon as you see your pump leaking.

Pool owners who upgrade their pool pumps and other accessories will surely have higher initial cost. But considering the new generation of pool pumps in the market today, which are more energy efficient and made through state-of-the-art technology, they are more likely to save more in the long run.

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