Is your pool going green? Usually this means that you salt water system is not producing enough chlorine to keep your pool blue.

At Budget Pool Care we specialise in Salt Water Chlorinator Repairs and can have your pool up and running in no time.

We have full electronic and pressure testing equipment to fully test, repair and maintain product and give you piece of mind when your product is being serviced or repaired. 

Our service team will advise you of potential issues and recommend replacement product or parts that are required to get your salt water chlorinator back up and running


We service and repair all chlorinator brands:

Compupool, Autochlor, AstralPool, Hurlcon, Zodiac, Clearwater, Poolrite, CrystalClear, Waterco, Pentair, Stroud, Chloromatic, Watermaid, Aquachlor, Salchlor, Rolachem,  Aquajoy, Viron and more

How can I tell if my salt water chlorinator is working properly?

  1. The easiest way to ascertain if the chlorinator is working is to make sure the cell is clean by checking the needle or production lights.
  2. Ensure there is enough salt in the pool.
  3. On the chlorinator box there should be a light or dial that indicates it is working.
  4. Test the water that water has just left the chlorinator -  it should have a very high chlorine reading. (Remember that if it is extremely high it may bleach the test tablet so you may have to dilute the water you are testing). If there is no chlorine reading, the chlorinator will not be working.
  5. If you have been dosing with chlorine you won’t know. So, wait until you have a nil reading of chlorine and then perform the test.
  6. Look at your cell housing (if it is visible). The action of the salt water passing over the cell creates gaseous activity. If the water is clear, it’s not creating chlorine. The water passing over the cell should be cloudy.
  7. Remember less salt = less chlorine. So, check your salt level first





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