We repair all Brands and types of pool equipment. From Pool Cleaners, Pumps, Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool Lights, Filters etc. If there are parts available to repair your pool equipment then we will fix it. 

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars replacing something if it can be repaired. Would you change your car engine if it was making a funny noise? No you would just take it for a service. 

 Pool equipment is the same, remember your pool runs every day for hours so it will need a service from time to time and things are going to fail every now and then. That is where here at Budget Pool Care our technicians can service your pool and equipment when it breaks down and also explain what caused the issue in the first place.

Pool Pump Repairs

Every Pool Pump will leak from time to time or not start properly.

Sometimes your pump wont pump very well, it will be loud, it might be making a humming noise and not starting. 

With a Quick service we can get your pump running like new again for a fraction of the price of a new pool pump. 

Salt Water Chlorinator Repairs

Salt Water Chlorinators need to be serviced every so often, some more than other. If not serviced your pool might be turning green all the time and you will be wondering why your spending lots of money on chemicals. 

Most Salt electrodes last between 5-7 yrs. This doesn't mean you need a new unit just a service and some parts.

Pool Cleaner Repairs

Pool Cleaners play up from time to time and can cause you many headaches and lots of extra work when they are not functioning correctly as they did when they where new.

all it takes is a $5 part to stop your pool cleaner from doing its job. we repair all makes and models polaris, jetvac, kreepy krauly, baracuda & Robotic cleaners.

Pool Filter Repairs

When a pool filter isnt working correctly you run into all kinds of problems. you pool is always cloudy, dirt on the floor.

Your pool can even go green and stay green without your filter working. Filter Cleanering and media replacement is a must with every pool. We even repair leaking filters and show you the correct way to maintain your filteration.


Pool Equipment Repairs


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