Have you ever thought about moving the pool pump, filter and heater to a new location? As with most pools, the equipment may not be in the most desirable location. The site originally chosen to place the equipment is often to minimize the length of additional trenching, plumbing and wiring, to and from the pool.

Moving the pool equipment to a new location is often done as part of a larger renovation project, where the existing pump/filter area is converted to a new purpose. Pool equipment is also often moved to place it out of earshot or out of direct line of sight, although a few walls and landscaping can do the same thing at a lower cost. In addition to distance, some pool systems are relocated in vertical relation to the pool.

Moving the pool equipment to another location involves not only physically relocating the pump, filter, heater and other equipment but also extending the pipes and the electrical power and bonding wires, to the new equipment pad location. 

Moving Pool Plumbing to a New Location

If your pool system consists of a pump and filter, with just 2 pipes coming into the pump and one return line going back, moving the pool equipment is much simpler than larger pools with numerous pipes, heaters and other accessory equipment. 

But even that is not easy. Let's walk through the steps, shall we?

  1. Choose the new location and pour an oversized concrete pad.

  2. Dig a deep trench from the old pad to the new pad site.

  3. Remove and disconnect pump, filter and other equipment.

  4. Lower pool water level or plug lines in the pool.

  5. Excavate suction and return pipes, cut and route into trench.

  6. Using pressure fittings, connect pipe from old pad to new pad.

  7. Reconnect pump and filter plumbing on new equipment pad.

  8. Fill the pool & pressure test before back filling.


Moving Pool Power Supply to a New Location

You can keep the breaker box and timer box and pool light switch in the original location, but most people will also move the power supply to the new location. Either way, hire a qualified electrician to manage most of the job, to be sure that it's done safely and up to code. An electrician run new wires from old location to the new location and install waterproof power points

Moving a Gas Pool Heater to a New Location

The pool heater does not need to be sitting right next to the pump and filter, it could be set-up in a different location, with buried pipes carrying water to and from the heater. 

Moving the Pump and Filter just a Few Feet

In cases of hillside creep, or for locations that flood, or to improve serviceability and equipment layout, some pool owners may consider moving the equipment just a few feet. Cutting the pipes off at the knees, remove all the equipment from the pad, and then either rebuild the existing pad or pour a new pad in an adjacent location of better character. If the pipes need to be rerouted, dig down around the pipes to the 90° fitting, where the pipes turn up to come out of the ground. Cut the pipes and trench to the new location.

Cost to Move Pool Equipment

It's not cheap, or easy to move pool a pump, filter and heater to a new location. We usually charge between $1,000-$3000 for most moves, depending on how complicated your system is and how far it's being moved. If there is no gas heater to be moved, the cost can be considerably less.


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