Clearwater C Series Replacement Powerpack
We have found that some customers just need a replacement power pack for a chlorinator that they own. They might have bought a new Salt Cell or the cell is still in good condition but the power pack can no...
from $410.00
Compu Chlor Auto Series Salt Water Chlorinator
The Compu Chlor is a high-performance Self Cleaning salt chlorination system made my Compupool on the Gold Coast in QLD It is efficient, durable and extremely reliable even in the harshest of conditions. Incorporating high flow, long life electrodes with...
$980.00 from $599.00
Compu Chlor Series Cells
Compu Chlor Replacement Cell Compu Chlor Chlorinators are made by CompuPool Products and have been in production for Over 35years We supply all makes and models for your compuchlor salt water chlorinator. From the Most popular L210 Standard series the...
from $180.00
CompuPool Cartridge Filter
We stock and supply spare parts for your compupool BF and CF Cartridge Filter. Please Select the correct part required from the drop down list.
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CompuPool CPSC Cell Module Spares
CompuPool CPSC Cell Module Spare Parts.  Please look at the diagram and select the part number from the drop down list  Replacement Cells are a under - Salt Cells in our store
$330.00 from $5.00
CompuPool CPSC Power Pack Spares
Budget Pool Care supply all your spare parts required to fix your Compu Pool CPSC Salt Water Chlorinator.   Same Day Dispatch on all Compu Pool CPSC Parts available
from $4.00
CompuPool CPSC PowerPack
Designed and tested to perform in the toughest climates, the Compu Pool CPSC salt water chlorinator offers superior levels of control, style and convenience. The simple to use CPSC power pack is easily installed and is the perfect solution to replace your existing...
$650.00 $550.00
CompuPool CPSC Replacement Cells
CompuPool CPSC offer a safe and economical alternative to regular chlorine as a way of keeping your swimming pool water hygienic. Not only is the whole system automatic, but the pool water is far more pleasant. Another big plus for...
$330.00 from $230.00
CompuPool CPSC Salt Water Chlorinator
The Compupool CPSC Series is a high-performance salt water chlorination system that lets you enjoy perfectly clear pool water without the use of harsh chemicals. It is a safe, clean, easy alternative to dosing your pool with dangerous and expensive...
from $725.00
CompuPool CPX Series Salt Water Chlorinator
The CompuPool CPX is a high-performance Self cleaning salt chlorination system that lets you enjoy crystal-clear pool water without harsh chemicals. It is efficient, durable and extremely reliable even in the harshest of conditions. Incorporating high flow, long life electrodes...
$980.00 from $580.00
Compupool Infinity Power Module Spares
Please Select the Replacement Part for your CompuPool Infinity Salt Water Chlorinator.
from $10.00
Compupool Infinity Repalcement Cell
Compupool Infinity Replacement Cell Compu Pool Infinity Series salt water chlorinator Repalcement cell This genuine cell comes with an industry leading 6 year limited warranty! For use with Infinity Series Saltwater Chlorine Generator Self Cleaning Cell High velocity cell for superior performance...
$660.00 from $385.00
CompuPool Standard Series Salt Water Chlorinator
The Compu-Chlor standard cleaning salt water chlorinator has been around for over 35years and are a bulletproof chlorinator made by Compupool Products on the Gold Coast in QLD Incorporating high flow, long life electrodes with a robust heavy duty power...
$950.00 from $520.00
CompuPool Titanium Edition Salt Water Chlorinator
Titanium Edition - Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator   Titanium Edition Salt Water Chlorinators operate on a low salinity level of 0.3% salt content, which is less than 10% of seawater levels. This slightly salinated water passes through the electrolytic plates...
$1,160.00 from $650.00