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Green Pool Cleaning Service

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Green Pool Cleaning Service

Option 1 - Pool Balance and Equipment Service 


This is for pool where they have just stared to turn green and you can still see the floor of the pool.

With our computerized water testing system and years of experience in the swimming pool service industry we can balance your pool to the correct levels to kill all bacteria in the water and service your equipment so that in a couple of days the pool is clear again.

If there is lots of leaves and debris in the pool then this will need to be removed before the pool can be balanced

* Chemicals to be invoiced on site ( we use what you have 1st )


Option 2 - Shock, Flock & Vacuum Pool To Waste.


This is for pools that have turned green due to lack of chemical attention for a couple of weeks. 

We do not drain the water on this program.  We have a chemical combination that will kill the all of the algae within 1-3 days. 

Then we vacuum the pool to waste and remove all dead algae once everything has settled on the pool floor.

If there are large amounts of debris on the bottom of the pool (leaves, etc.), then we will need to do the Pool Drain, Acid Wash, Refill and Re-balance Service

‚Äč* Chemicals to be invoiced on site ( we use what you have 1st ), The Price includes 2 visits to your premises.


Option 3 - Drain, Acid Wash, Refill & Re-balance


We drain the pool, remove and dispose of all debris on bottom of pool. Then we pressure wash the entire swimming pool, Acid wash/ scrub down the swimming pool, Fill it up with water, Clean DE filters/cartridges (inspect for tears or damage), or backwash the filtration system.

Add all necessary chemicals to bring the Ph and Chlorine levels to the required level

This will remove most of the stains in the swimming pool and let you start with a newly cleaned surface and perfectly balanced Pool. This is a 5 Day process.

* All Start up Chemicals included in this option -


What causes a green pool?

When algae and other contaminants build up in your pool, the water eventually
turns green. Algae will continue to grow if you don’t address the problem. But why is the algae growing?
Perhaps you don’t have enough chlorine. Many problems could cause a lack of chlorine, including the

  • Faulty Equipment: Often your equipment could be malfunctioning. Check to make sure the pump
    works, actively filters the water and dispenses the proper amount of chemicals.

  • A Stagnant Pool: You may need to run your pool for longer periods of time. Generally speaking,
    your pool should run 8-10 hours per day to keep the chemicals evenly distributed and the water pure.

  • Warmth: If you experience a green pool during the summer, you likely have a problem with the
    warmth. Heat helps algae multiply, and you will need more chlorine to compensate.

  • Phosphates: Phosphates serve as an excellent food source for algae. Thankfully, we can test for
    and remove such phosphates.


Service available in the Gold Coast in QLD and also Northern NSW

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