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How to Unblock a Pool Pump Impellor - Budget Pool Care

How to Unblock a Pool Pump Impellor

Nearly anything can clog a pump impeller, if it is the right size. Very small grains of sand, for example, will pass right through. The following can sometimes go through and will clog your impeller:
  • Pine Needles
  • Small Leaves
  • Small seeds/nuts
  • Grass clippings
  • Small pebbles

By following these four easy steps, you will be able to quickly troubleshoot problems with your pool pump and keep it running effectively to keep your pool sparkling clean.
Pool Pumps can get blocked on the inside due to debris getting caught in the impellor. Over the years some leaves go through the skimmer basket and pump basket and get caught inside

Step 1: Turn Off the Water to Pump
Before you do anything, shut water off at the valve that feeds the pump and close down electricity to the pump as well.
If you do not do this, the water will continue to flow and when you open the pump, you'll not only get soaked but you'll have to stop mid-way through your repair to shut off the water.
Step 2: Clear the Filter Basket
The first place to look for obstructions is in the filter basket. The basket is easily accessible and is always located in a clearly visible area.
Pull the basket out of its recess and remove any foreign objects that you find in it. If your pool is close to trees or bushes, it's likely that leaves, berries or small twigs have been sucked up by the pump. After the basket is clear, turn the electricity to the pump back on and see how it is functioning.
If the suction has returned, your repair is over.
If there still seems to be something blocking your pool pump, you'll have to shut the pump off again and move on to the next step.
Step 3: Clean the Impeller
The Pump consists of two ends ( Wet end and motor ) usually there are six or more blots holding these two parts together.
The impeller is a rotor that uses pressure to keep the water flowing and helps the pump function to keep your pool clean. Often, the impeller can look like a little fan with blades and small pieces of debris can often become stuck or entangled in the parts that stick out from it.
To get to the impeller, Undo the bold on the outside of the pump. You will see a sequence of bolts attaching the two parts together just after the outlet of the pump ( the pipe that goes to your filter ) 
Use a socket set and undo these bolts. Then Pull the pump apart.
Usually there is a shield cover held by two screws covering the impellor. Once removed there will probably be a small amount of dirt or other debris around it so be careful as you use your fingers to clear out whatever is preventing the impeller from doing its job.
You can also use a coat hanger or thin wire and poke through the veins from the outside in.

Step 4: Reattachment
Once you have cleaned the impeller, re-connect the basket end to the rest of the pump, tightening the bolts sufficiently so that it is properly attached.
Now, reattach the pump back to the pipework and fill the basket back up with water and open any valves you might have closed at the start
Turn the Power back on and your pump should be working like new. Be sure to check the filter basket and impeller regularly as this is the best way to ensure you don't encounter a clogged pool pump when you next go for a swim.

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